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Groom That Goat!

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Goatee beards. How to grow, groom, shave them. Reviews, information, and guides on grooming, shaving, and men's care.

Welcome was the first website (as far as I know) entirely devoted to the goatee beard. It is certainly the only UK oriented site. With so many American sites, on the web in general, I thought I would aim this at all you brits with hairy chins. We do get quite a few British visitors, though they also come from as far afield as Australia, America, Chile, and many, many more.
The site has tips on how to grow a goatee, how to groom it, a goatee FAQ, a goatee message board, and soon a gallery, and history of the goatee, with famous historical goatee wearers.

There are many web sites (check out our Links page) out there that have sections about goatee beards. Most of these sites seem to be in the US - not that that's a bad thing, but I have not been able to find any other UK based sites, so, here it is!

A UK based site entirely devoted to the goatee beard!

Enjoy. . :-)>.

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