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Groom That Goat!

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Goatee beards. How to grow, groom, shave them. Reviews, information, and guides on grooming, shaving, and men's care.


First of all, for those of you who don't know, FAQ is a TLA (Three Letter Acronym) and it stands for Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ's should also answer those questions, otherwise, there's not that much point having them!

The Goatee FAQ was kindly supplied by David Peyton, and together with Tom's Tips, should provide general information about goatees, wearing them, growing them, etc.

In the near future I will add a form so that you can add Questions, (and if you have them answers) but for now, use the Contact page.

There are three sections aside from this introduction - Why?, Maintenance, and Non-Goateed, all of which can be accessed from the menu above.

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