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Goatee beards. How to grow, groom, shave them. Reviews, information, and guides on grooming, shaving, and men's care.

Product Reviews

Our Reviews Best Buys page has our current recommended products. Alternatively, you can browse the list of Shaver Reviews, Trimmer Reviews and Miscellaneous Reviews items.

Shavers are used as they would in the real world. Battery length is measured, not by just running down the shaver in one go, rather the shavers are used to shave, as you would use them. Emphasis is not given to the number of minutes that the battery lasts for, but how many times they can be used to shave. Scores are given for each category, and a total score given. If you want to give different categories different weightings, then please feel free to generate your own total scores.

Beard trimmers are also subjected to a real world test. Battery life is not rated, since most people do not take their trimmer away with them, when they go away. It is for this reason that battery life is not so critical, and so is not rated.

How can a product get a total of over 100%? Value for money is very important. All scores are divided into their price, so cheap products that do very well may receive a score of more than 100. Is it important? Well, you can still compare all the scores together, and if you want to discount the value for money, then all scores will be out of 100.

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